BEST RESEARCH is a market research agency founded in 2002. Our professionals are specialists in market research and in the Latin American consumer. Their aim is to generate knowledge that enables our clients to make smart and innovative decisions to improve their products and develop their brands.

Our work philosophy is based on the belief that creativity and in-depth information must go hand in hand. Data do not speak for themselves, neither good ideas yield results without a good implementation. We work from different areas - marketing, statistics, anthropology, psychology - so that our analysis methodologies build these two pillars: accuracy and innovation

We know that nowadays successful strategies are the ones which can generate the best return on investment in a globalized world. This is why our years of experience in Mexico made us realize the need to specialize and expand our businesses to Latin America. Nowadays we are present in the major countries of the region: Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, and Central America.


We conduct sensory studies through the design of blind or branded product tests and also, we make evaluation protocols to obtain better results in meeting the research objective.
We pursue a deep understanding of your brand using the best methodologies to measure brand equity, positioning, brand image, and innovation. This, in order to show you both, the strengths to build upon, as well as areas of opportunity your brand should consider for improvement.
We work with qualitative and quantitative methodologies to know each person’s habits, customs and behavior. We use this information for you to deliver more value than your competitors.
We adapt to any study objective you may have providing you with a broad range of alternatives such as Advertising Pre-Test, Concept Test, Advertising Day After Recall (DAR), Concept Benefits Sort, in order for you to get the right message to your communication strategy.
We implement the best methodologies to carry out a thorough examination of consumer behavior at the moment of purchase with methodologies such as Eye Tracking, Shelf Test, Shop Along, Purchas Habits (In Situ) and many more...
We use specific techniques to evaluate price perception until the best strategy is found and smart decisions that are ideal to the market are taken.
We identify for your benefit the indicators that make it possible to know the level of satisfaction and loyalty your customer is experiencing. This, by making a balance between expectations and the given value proposal.


At BEST RESEARCH our solid fieldwork department is comprised by more than 150 interviewers, 25 supervisors, and a staff of more than 15 operation executives among coordinators and managers lead by experts in different fieldwork methods, with over 15 years of experience.

Multi Test Center

One of the competitive advantages we offer at BEST RESEARCH are our own multipurpose rooms equipped to conduct organoleptic testing, located in the busiest areas of two of the major cities in Mexico -Mexico City and Monterrey.

Qualitative Services

At BEST RESEARCH our pool of specialists has a broad experience conducting qualitative studies, from an in-depth interview to a complex multidisciplinary study.

Processing and Analysis:

To us, each project is "the most important, " this is why a market research specialist is assigned to work as a link between the client and BEST RESEARCH. All research stages are done “in-house.”


At BEST RESEARCH we focus on providing our clients with answers and points of view about the topic they want to research -we do not just deliver data. For the former to happen we rely on basic principles such as: using time effectively and efficiently, methodologies suitable for each study, and analytic action routes designed by a group of experts.


Tell us about your idea and we will send you the best solution.