Multi Test Center

Multi Test Center

Thinking of our clients, BEST RESEARCH developed a suitable environment to conduct studies at Central Locations -such as Product Tests and Shelf Tests. The Multi Test Centers (MTC) are located in the busiest areas of two of the main cities in Mexico -Mexico City and Monterrey, in which we can find consumers with very diverse profiles.

The rooms are equipped to conduct organoleptic tests. They have an area for product preparation and lighting and ventilation conditions that make it possible to control the environmental stimuli. They are also equipped with computers and wireless Internet service.



4 product testing rooms. Each one of them has a capacity of 12-15 respondents.

All rooms have a food preparation area.

Necessary equipment such as: scales, thermometers, laboratory equipment, containers, plates, microwaves, electric stoves, coolers, fridges, etc

40 notebooks with Wi-Fi connection.

Recording, editing, and production equipment.

Ventilation system. Favorable environment, free of odors, dirt, and smoke.

Warehouse excluded from the product testing areas.

Located in the busiest streets of Mexico City and Monterrey.

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